Injured Worker Medical Care

We take care of your workers so that you can focus on the business.

A full-service medical department, on the jobsite.

JobSiteCare is an innovative medical practice that integrates technology and physician expertise to provide immediate telemedical triage, diagnosis, and guided treatment to an injured worker, right at the jobsite.

Our cases close in half the time of traditional care and for every $1 dollar spent on JobSiteCare, our clients save $2-$3 dollars in direct medical costs. JobSiteCare functions as a full-service medical department providing concierge-level medical care to injured workers while ensuring accountability throughout their recovery.

Our Care Model

Triage, Diagnose, Treat injured worker at work site

Expedite and track referrals for quality compliance

MD-to-MD contact to set expectations and enable continuity

Constant follow-up with injured worker ensures rapid return to work

Optimized OSHA compliance

Optimized OSHA compliance

Injury Management Solution Features


Secure, HIPAA-compliant platform


30 second access to a medical team/on-call physicians


Care Team for medical logistics and coordination


Simple to deploy and easy to adopt


On-site medical lockers for faster treatment


High level of worker engagement


Geo-location to expedite off-site care


End-to-end case management through Maximum Medical Improvement

Breakthrough Results


Fewer claims generated


Reduction of Length in claim


Reduction in cost per claim

Saved for every $1 spent

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