Robert Spatzer, MSN Director of Clinical Analytics at JobSiteCare

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Rob Spatzer serves as the Director of Data and Analytics and Director of Mental Health Services at JobSiteCare, bringing over 15 years of experience as a healthcare provider across various settings, including Primary, Urgent, Emergency, and Critical Care. With dual board certifications in Acute Care and Psychiatric Medicine, Rob combines his clinical expertise with a strong foundation in psychology and neuroscience, holding a BS from Washington and Lee University and a MS from the University of Pennsylvania.

In addition to direct care, Rob’s background also includes biochemical research at the Center for the Study of Neurodegenerative Disease at the University of Virginia.

At JobSiteCare, Rob excels in crafting and managing biostatistical analytical models, along with spearheading the merger of clinical delivery systems with IT solutions, focusing on patient and process improvements. His work is driven by a commitment to addressing the challenges and inefficiencies within the healthcare system, aiming to enhance satisfaction and outcomes for both patients and providers.

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