Industrial Medical Services from a Leading Telemedicine Company

Workplace injuries happen, even with the most prepared teams. When they do, getting the right medical care quickly can make all the difference. Our advanced telemedicine solutions connect injured workers with experienced doctors in seconds, ensuring they receive the treatment they need – faster. Whether you manage a remote team or a large on-site workforce, our industrial medical services are designed to support worker well-being and keep your operations running smoothly.

Our All-in-one Integrated Industrial Medical Services

JobSiteCare delivers the full spectrum of industrial medical support to address a wide range of workplace health needs.

Telemedicine Urgent Care

Injured workers connect instantly with board-certified doctors via our secure, HIPAA-compliant platform for immediate accurate diagnosis and specialized treatment plan development.

Industrial Medical Staffing Services

Our trained On-Site Medics work hand-in hand with our expert doctors to provide immediate care for injuries, reducing delays and unnecessary off-site visits. For ongoing needs, they can manage health screening programs, preventive measures, and more.

Fully Equipped Medical Trailers

We provide the essential supplies and equipment to create a dedicated healthcare space, ready to handle injuries and routine medical needs.

Drug Screening and Testing

Protect your workforce and maintain compliance with on-site drug screening solutions tailored to your company’s policies.

End-to-End Injury Case Management

Our dedicated team oversees the entire care journey, from the initial injury report to the worker’s successful return, streamlined with clear communication and expert guidance.

Workers' Compensation Management

We facilitate clear communication between injured workers, industrial medics, and workers’ compensation insurance carriers and ensure timely and accurate case management for faster resolution.

Our Industrial Expertise Spans Diverse Workforces

Demanding work environments require specialized medical solutions. JobSiteCare brings proven industrial occupational health expertise to a wide range of sectors, including:


Supporting crews on building sites, infrastructure projects, and diverse worksites with varying levels of access.


Providing emergency medical services to the oil and gas industry, reaching workers in remote locations, refineries, and across the sector.


Promoting safety and swift injury response in factories, production facilities, and warehouses.


Meeting the needs of on-the-road workers, logistics teams, and those in transit hubs.

The Limits of Basic Nurse Triage vs JobSiteCare

Many providers offer basic nurse triage services, but JobSiteCare delivers a truly comprehensive telemedicine solution for injured worker care.

Basic Nurse Triage


Nurse Hotline


Referral guidance


Limited follow-up care


May reduce some expenses


Generally focused on urban settings


Care often delayed


Lacks direct OSHA compliance support


Direct connection with a board-certified doctor

Real-time diagnosis, treatment plan development, and referral coordination

Ongoing case management, return-to-work support

Reduces workers' compensation costs, minimizes downtime

Supports remote, large, or distributed workforces

Doctor assessment within seconds

Mindful of OSHA workplace injury reporting and compliance

Our End-to-End Care Process

Step 1: Immediate On-Site Physician-Directed Care

Immediately following an injury, the worker (or a representative) contacts JobSiteCare, where they will connect with a board-certified physician via secure video. The doctor will thoroughly assess the injury and give step-by-step guidance for the best on-the-spot care. If needed, they will also arrange for a referral to a nearby urgent care center or specialist.

Step 2: Follow-up Care and Coordination

The physician will actively monitor the injured worker’s recovery. At the same time, our Care Team will create a detailed treatment plan and handle the scheduling of any follow-up care. This might include ordering necessary tests like X-rays and MRIs, as well as arranging any in-person appointments with specialists or other healthcare providers.

Step 3: A Return-to-Work Program is Established

As the worker recovers, our Care Team works with the worker, their employer, and the doctor to create a personalized return-to-work plan. This might involve temporary modified duties, a gradual return to full hours, or other adjustments to ensure a safe and smooth transition back to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to partner with JobSiteCare for industrial medical services?

We work with you to establish an annual flat fee tailored to your workplace size, industry, and historical injury data. This approach incentivizes fast, effective care and avoids the unpredictable per-incident billing commonly associated with workplace injuries. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and get a customized quote.

Are onsite clinics part of the JobSiteCare industrial medical services offering?

Our on-site medical solutions are an optional service in addition to our core telemedicine program. For projects with a higher likelihood of injuries or those benefiting from a continuous on-site medical presence, our site medics make a valuable addition. However, you can also utilize JobSiteCare’s telemedicine solutions without an on-site medic – giving you flexibility for different worksite needs.

How does JobSiteCare’s industrial medical services work with remote working locations?

Even at remote worksites, JobSiteCare’s telemedicine solution ensures that injured workers have immediate access to expert medical care. Workers contact JobSiteCare’s dedicated line when an injury occurs. Our team quickly assesses the situation and connects the injured worker with a qualified medical professional via secure video. This means swift initial evaluations, clear treatment guidance, and seamless referrals to local specialists if necessary.

Are JobSiteCare’s on-site medics trained for industrial worksites?

Our site medics are specifically trained to operate within the demands of industrial environments. While traditional site medics primarily provide first aid and referrals, our specialists integrate them with our telemedicine platform. This means they always work under the direct guidance of a board-certified doctor, resulting in more comprehensive on-site assessments and in some cases, avoiding the need for off-site referrals.

How does JobSiteCare use telemedicine urgent care to benefit industrial employers and injured workers?

JobSiteCare’s telemedicine solution offers numerous advantages for both workers and employers:

For Injured Workers: Injured workers receive immediate attention from medical professionals, regardless of location. This eliminates unnecessary travel and delays often associated with traditional urgent care. It also allows for real-time assessment and expert guidance, promoting proper treatment plans and faster recovery times.

For Employers: JobSiteCare’s approach streamlines the injury response process. This minimizes disruptions to your operations and helps control workers’ compensation costs.