Construction Site Medical Services: A Proactive Approach to Worker Well-being

Workplace injuries disrupt your team and project timelines. Traditional solutions often require sending workers offsite for care – leading to delays, added costs, and unnecessary OSHA recordables and DART days. Our onsite medical services provide immediate attention, supported by board-certified doctors for advanced assessments when needed. This helps your workforce stay healthy, productive, and focused on the job.

Upgrade Your Workplace Injury Protocol with Our Experienced Construction Site Medics

We offer a comprehensive range of onsite construction medical support services that ensure rapid response, minimized downtime, and a hyper-focus on worker well-being.

Construction Site Medics Staffing and Deployment

Our job site medics are experienced health and wellness specialists with a broad range of unique skills to support the construction workforce.

Emergency and Urgent Care

Injured workers receive immediate expert care through telemedicine connections with board-certified doctors. This ensures prompt diagnoses and reduces unnecessary off-site referrals.

Comprehensive Drug Screening

Maintain a safe, compliant work environment with convenient on-site and DOT-level screening solutions that are aligned with your company’s policies.

Fully Equipped Medical Trailers

We outfit your existing trailer into a ready-to-use onsite medical clinic, stocked with routine and lifesaving medical equipment and supplies for use under physician direction.

End-to-End Injury Case Management

Our Care Team curates and streamlines every step of the recovery process, from the initial injury to maximum medical improvement, ensuring faster recovery.

Workers’ Compensation Management

We act as a communication bridge between the injured worker, their employer, and insurance adjusters to ease the administrative burdens for all involved.

Our Proven Injury-to-Recovery Process

When an injury occurs on your worksite, our proven process ensures a rapid and efficient response to get your worker the care they need.

Step 1: Immediate On-Site Physician-Directed Care

In the aftermath of an injury, our highly trained job site medics will begin essential treatment while simultaneously connecting the worker with a qualified medical physician via secure video. The physician will conduct a real-time evaluation of the injury, providing immediate guidance and establishing a detailed treatment plan, which will be administered on-site by the medic. If necessary, the physician can also expedite a referral to a local urgent care facility or specialist.

Step 2: Follow-up Care and Coordination

The treating physician closely monitors the worker’s progress daily. Our Care Team then acts as a central hub, coordinating all aspects of the worker’s follow-up care in line with the physician’s guidance.

Step 3: A Return-to-Work Program is Established

Working with the employer and injured worker, a customized return-to-work plan is developed that is tailored to the worker’s specific needs.

Advanced Medical Care and Support Features

60-Second Doctor Access

Our job site medics deliver immediate care onsite, backed by 60-second access to physicians via telemedicine for expert assessment and guidance.

Board-Certified Expertise

Our physicians and medical staff hold extensive board certifications, ensuring a high caliber of care.

Fully HIPAA and SOC 2 Compliant

We take data security and patient privacy seriously, as demonstrated by our leading software platform’s certifications.

OSHA-Trained Professionals

Our team has the safety expertise needed, from 30-hour courses to Certified Safety Professional credentials.

On-Site Medical Lockers

We equip our on-site medics with the tools they need for fast and effective injury treatment. Our advanced medical lockers are essentially an emergency room in a box.

Employer Incident Portal

Our Employer Incident Portal offers easy access to incident information and status in real time.

Physician-led Case Management

Each active case is reviewed daily by a physician and a supporting Care Team ensuring that patient needs are being met.

Veteran-Owned Ethos

We bring discipline and a mission-focused approach to ensure your workforce’s health and well-being while managing health and wellness in construction.

Proactive Care Team

Our Care Team handles medical logistics and coordination, ensuring seamless injured worker care delivery.

Geo-Location Capabilities

When off-site care is needed, we quickly locate the best specialists or facilities near your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between JobSiteCare and other construction site medical services?

While traditional site medic services have limited capabilities, often leading to unnecessary offsite referrals, our job site medics are experienced in unique and special skills to support construction workforces. Additionally, they have direct access to our on-staff doctors via telemedicine, enabling them to provide more comprehensive care on location. This translates to faster diagnoses, better treatment plans, and reduced costs for businesses.

How do on-site medical services benefit my business?

Onsite construction medical support services offer several benefits for construction businesses. First, they minimize delays by providing immediate care for injuries, reducing the need for offsite referrals. This translates to less downtime, improved productivity, fewer OSHA-recordable incidents, and cost savings. Second, access to advanced practitioners supports workers’ safety and well-being, which can positively impact morale and reduce insurance premiums. Finally, proactive wellness initiatives offered by services like JobSiteCare can help prevent injuries and address mental health concerns, further enhancing workplace safety and job satisfaction.

Are there any examples or case studies that JobSiteCare’s construction site medical services have helped with?

Usual Care
Date of injury
Male – Age 42
Male – Age 35
Displaced Closed Right Ankle Fracture
Displaced Closed Right Ankle Fracture
Medical Cost
$ 43,201
$ 20,206
Indemnity Cost
$ 46,130
$ 0
Expenses (Including Litigation/Settlement)
$ 51,207
$ 4,746
Total Cost
$ 140,538
$ 24,952
Claim Length
238 Days
172 Days
Days Lost
98 Days
3 Days

How does JobSiteCare’s construction site medical services work?

JobSiteCare’s approach combines the expertise of our construction site medics with the power of telemedicine. Our specialists provide immediate attention for injuries and illnesses at your construction site. Whenever a worker is assessed, they are immediately connected with a JobSiteCare doctor via telemedicine within 60 seconds. This ensures expert guidance in determining the right level of care, even for complex cases. Our medical team coordinates all aspects of care, including referrals if needed, providing streamlined communication and a seamless experience for injured workers.

Are you able to provide a site medic without the telemedicine support program?

No. Our telemedicine support program is the core component of our services and is a standard requirement for all our clients.