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Medical care, on the job.

JobSiteCare is a physician-led practice centered around caring for injured workers and workers safety. We provide immediate telemedical triage, diagnosis, and guided treatment right on the job site. Our physicians and staff work take an end to end case management approach and manage the injured workers’ case from start to finish. We enable maximum medical improvement to be reached as quickly as possible while ensuring optimal Local/Federal OSHA compliance.

 In close collaboration with company management, JobSiteCare functions as an outsourced, full-service medical department and total logistical support for ill and injured workers using telemedicine on the worksite. At JobSiteCare we are on a mission to create safe workplaces, deliver great healthcare on the job, and offer the best workers’ compensation and work claim solutions.

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Our Purpose

To design and deliver the best medical care

Our Mission

To organize and deliver great medical care to workplaces everywhere

Core Values


Live and work with respect and integrity


Stand for what is right and calmly face adversity


Be compassionate and seek to understand


The passion to learn, create, and when necessary, invent

Breakthrough Results


Reduced average DART


Reduced case length


Reduced indirect costs


Reduced cost per claim


Fewer claims generated

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JobSiteCare?

We are a telemedicine medical practice that treats workers at the time of their injury on the job site and follow the worker’s care throughout their injury and help the worker return back to work.

How much does JobSiteCare cost?
We require a client’s previous three year’s loss runs, expected payroll and their Experience Modification Rating (EMR). Once all those components are received, we can evaluate all factors and provide appropriate pricing.
Who sees and attends to the patients?

We have a group of board certified doctors and nurse practitioners who see the patient.

Who orders any testing/referrals and who schedules them?

JobSiteCare orders the test and arranges and schedules any imaging appointments. For referrals, JobSiteCare works with the workers employer and the insurance adjusters to schedule any referrals to specialists.

Can JobSiteCare work in conjunction with a medical trailer?

Yes, if JobSiteCare retains the ability to be the treating physician for all injuries. It is imperative that JobSiteCare leads all efforts to direct the medical care for all injured workers.

Can JobSiteCare help employees who may be experiencing personal medical issues at work?

Yes. JobSiteCare is committed to overall health and wellness beyond just specific work related concerns, because health does not stop and start at the borders of the jobsite. Our team has assisted many individuals in navigating the frequently complicated landscape of the healthcare system. This includes collecting detailed health histories to assess risk, make recommendations and connect individuals with the appropriate care for those issues that are not work related. It also means that we always provide advocacy and guidance regardless of the cause of injury or illness.

What if someone requires "hands on" care?

If after a thorough guided telemedical evaluation an individual requires in person or specialist care, JobSiteCare arranges for immediate or expedited referral to our network of carefully vetted providers. Importantly, JSC clinicians call ahead and discuss the case with the accepting provider in advance of patient arrival to agree on the treatment plan and maintain continuity of care. Even when specialist care is required our clinicians and care support staff continue to follow the patient all the way through the process of treatment through return to work to act as both healthcare navigator and advocate to ensure the highest level of care and maximum recovery.

Can JobSiteCare and the COVID-19 program be provided separately?

The COVID-19 program can be provided as an add-on to JobSiteCare or on its own.

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