About Us

Transforming Workplace Health with Rapid Telemedicine and Physician–led Case Management

Rapid On-Site Care Utilizing Board-Certified Physicians 

At JobSiteCare, we are dedicated to the injured worker and their recovery and rapid return to work. Our innovative approach combines immediate telemedical triage, diagnosis, and guided treatment, all conveniently delivered at the job site.

As a physician-led practice, our focus is on the worker and their recovery, ensuring a smooth journey for them and their employer.  

We take an end-to-end case management approach. From the moment an injury occurs, our team of physicians and staff members work to oversee and manage the injured worker’s case.  

Strategic Collaboration

At JobSiteCare, we operate as a fully outsourced, on-site medical department, offering medical services and logistical support. Our occupational health telemedicine services allow us to bring the benefits of a medical facility on-site and collaborate closely with management to ensure seamless integration.

What Drives Us

Our Purpose and Passion

Care for the physical and emotional well-being of injured people to optimize their recovery.


We provide concierge medical care for injured workers. For a single annual fee to the client, we deliver highly personal, expedited care to the worker, saving millions for the employer.

Core Values

Our core values are engrained in our culture, guiding every decision and action that we take.

Honor Relationships

Do the right things for our patients, clients, and partners.

Quality and Excellence

The commitment and determination to work at the highest level of our abilities.

Accountability and Responsibility

Take full responsibility and make it happen. Innovate and overcome challenges.

Leading the way forward

JobSiteCare’s leadership team leads the way towards the future of healthcare and guides our company towards its strategic goals in injury management and workers’ safety.

Daniel Carlin, MD

CEO & Founder

Dan Parks, MD

Medical Director

Ashaar Sheikh

Chief Technology Officer

Mike Russo

Mike Russo

Senior Vice President

Robert Spatzer

Director of Clinical Analytics

Alexa Carlin

VP of Human Capital

Tara Bilofsky

Director of Clinical Operations

Larry Rosenfeld

CFO & Chief Strategist

Our Team of Experts

JobSiteCare’s leadership team spearheads the evolution of workplace injury management, leading the company towards its strategic goal of whole worker care.

Each member of our executive team boasts over a decade of experience in the injury management industry. Our commitment to upholding the highest professional and medical standards sets our foundation for excellence.

Guided by our core values, we pursue a transformative vision that inspires us. A vision of redefining workplace injury management and making a true impact on both the lives of injured workers and the broader community of workplaces.

Concierge Care Meets
Workers Comp


Voyager Medicine founded to provide telemedicine to global cruising sailors.


Dr. Carlin asked to deliver medical care via telemedicine to construction site in Western Ghana.

Nov 1996

Dr. Carlin emails Viktor Yazykov instructions to perform surgery on his elbow in the South Atlantic.

Dec 1998

Voyager Medicine evolves to become WorldClinic with the goal of providing quality medical care, anytime, anywhere.


WorldClinic moves from sailboats to superyachts.


Superyachts clients ask WorldClinic to take care of them at home and at sea.


Caribbean construction boom. After 20 years in telemedicine leading WorldClinic, Dr. Dan Carlin, a national leader in the field, is asked to bring his tried-and-true care model to island construction sites.


Dan Carlin meets Scott Gerard, VP of Safety, Moss CM at Chub Cay in the Berry Islands. Together, they brought medical care to a remote island to take care of the workers at Chub Cay.

Dec 2018

Due to the success of the telemedicine model Dr. Dan Carlin brought to Chub Cay 12 years earlier, Scott Gerard reaches out to Dan Carlin and asks him to bring his care model to US construction sites.

Feb 2019

Dr. Dan Carlin began a 6-month worksite care pilot program with Moss CM.

Jun 2019

The pilot program is a huge success at US worksites, and JobSiteCare is born.


JobSiteCare expands and rolls out nationwide services, operating in Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, Nevada, and other states, including expansion into additional industries.


Work with people who are making a difference and leading the way towards the future of healthcare and injury management, all while loving what you do and growing your career. 

In addition to fostering a strong work culture, we also provide exceptional benefits.  

Paid Holidays

401k and Employer Match

Great PTO

Education Assitance

Competitive Health Benefits

Growth Opportunities

Certified and Recognized Excellence  

When it comes to the quality of our services, we leave no room for compromise.


As a veteran-owned company, we bring a disciplined, mission-driven approach to everything we do.


Our medical team, comprised of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, holds board certifications in emergency medicine, internal medicine, family medicine, acute care, and behavioral health.

Fully Compliant

Our commitment to data security and patient privacy is reflected in our industry-leading software platform, which is both HIPAA compliant and SOC 2 certified.


Our commitment to data security and patient privacy is reflected in our industry-leading software platform, which is both HIPAA compliant and SOC 2 certified.

With JobSiteCare, we ensure that you’re in the most capable hands.