A New Chapter in Jobsite Medical Care 

It’s time to turn the page on the traditional ways of managing workplace injuries and opt for an effective, cohesive solution that optimizes both health outcomes and operational efficiency. With JobSiteCare, you gain a partner committed to offering a comprehensive approach to workplace injury management, from the moment of injury through return to work, all coordinated by board-certified physicians.

What We Do

We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the unique challenges of workplace injuries.

24/7 Physician-Led Telemedicine

Our board-certified physicians are available around the clock to offer expert medical care via a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform.

End-to-End Case Management

Complete oversight of an injured worker’s care journey, from initial diagnosis to return-to-work, coordinated by our medical team.

Specialist Care Coordination

Our physicians arrange and schedule any necessary specialist visits, ensuring high-quality care throughout the recovery process.

Onsite Medical Services and Staffing

We offer medical personnel at your worksite to provide direct care, enhancing the health and safety of your workforce.

Medical Director on Demand

Access to a qualified medical director is available on demand to guide healthcare decisions and protocols.

Traditional Care Problems vs. JobSiteCare Solution

Traditional Care


Little control of care process


Delays in care


Poor communication


Lack of accountability


Unnecessary diagnostics and referrals


Aversarial dynamic

JobSiteCare Solutions

One medical practice

Compress time

Treat the patient like family

Constant communication

OSHA fluency

Consolidate injury data for analysis

Our Workplace Injury Management Proven Process

Our approach focuses on a rapid and efficient response model, ensuring top-quality care for injured workers right from the get-go. When an injury occurs, our physicians are reachable within 60 seconds, offering immediate workplace injury triage. Our experts are trained to rapidly assess the injury’s severity and provide immediate, appropriate workplace injury treatment.  

When specialized care is required, we quickly arrange referrals to trusted specialists within your existing network. Our physicians maintain ongoing dialogue with these specialists, facilitating clear expectations and continuity of care. We also closely monitor the worker’s progress to uphold our high standards of workplace injury care. 

Consistent follow-ups are a key part of our process. This ensures that the injured worker receives the best possible care while reducing the risk of complications and speeding up the recovery process. 


Access a Board-Certified Physician within 60 Seconds


Assessment, Treatment and Recovery Begin Immediately


A curated Process Focused on Return to Work

Software that Fast-Tracks Quality Care

Patient care and user friendliness are at the core of our telemedicine software platform. This design ensures that injured workers receive immediate, physician-led care without unnecessary delays. The software is built to be intuitive, making it easy for anyone to use. With a focus on rapid response and professionalquality care, our platform enhances the overall experience for both companies and their workers, contributing to better recovery outcomes and reduced operational costs.

User Interface

Physician Interface

Ideal Clients for JobSiteCare

High Claim Counts and Costs

Long Claim

Work Site Risks

Hazardous Work
Remote locations

Loss Sensitive

High Deductibles

Company Culture

Recruit and Retain
Maintain a healthy workforce