Occupational Health Telemedicine for Workplace Injury Care Anywhere

Around the clock and in any location, JobSiteCare’s occupational telemedicine solution brings expert medical care directly to the worksite. We ensure that every workplace injury, whether it happened in a remote or urban location, receives prompt and thorough medical attention. With clear treatment plans and dedicated support, we take the uncertainty out of on-the-job injuries, getting workers the help they need and guiding them every step of the way.

Our Key Features for Comprehensive Occupational Telemedicine

JobSiteCare provides immediate and effective care through key features designed to address workplace injuries, ensuring Comp Care Anywhere:

24/7 On-Site Physician-Directed Care 

When an injury occurs, the worker (or a representative) contacts JobSiteCare through our app or dedicated phone number, where they will connect to a qualified medical physician via secure video. The physician will conduct a detailed assessment of the injury and provide step-by-step instructions for administering appropriate immediate care. If necessary, they will also arrange a referral to a local urgent care facility or specialist for further treatment, actively managing the entire process to ensure the worker receives comprehensive and continuous care through Comp Care Anywhere.

Whole-Worker Care Approach

The physician will closely monitor the injured worker’s case daily, while our Care Team will establish a comprehensive treatment plan and coordinate any follow-up care. This may include ordering necessary diagnostic imaging like X-rays and MRIs, as well as coordinating any required in-person care with specialists or other healthcare providers whenever needed.

Return-to-work Assistance

As the worker progresses in their recovery, our Care Team will work closely with the worker, their employer, and other specialists to develop a customized return-to-work program. This plan may involve modified duties, a gradual reintegration process, or other accommodations to minimize the risk of re-injury and facilitate a smooth transition back into the workplace.

Traditional Nurse Triage vs JobSiteCare’s Occupational Telemedicine Solution

While basic nurse triage provides initial guidance, JobSiteCare’s occupational telemedicine offers a more comprehensive model for managing injuries from start to finish.

Traditional Nurse Triage


Nurse hotline or basic assessment


Referral guidance if needed


Limited or no follow-up care


May reduce some general healthcare expenses


Generally focused on urban or easily accessible settings


Care often delayed, requiring additional appointments


Lacks direct OSHA compliance support

Occupational Telemedicine

Direct connection with a board-certified doctor

Real-time diagnosis, treatment plan development, and immediate referral coordination

Ongoing case management and proactive return-to-work support

Reduces workers' compensation insurance costs and minimizes workplace downtime

Supports remote, large, or distributed workforces with varying access to injured worker care

Doctor assessment within seconds for immediate action

Mindful of OSHA workplace injury reporting and compliance

Ideal Clients for our Telemedicine-led Care Model

High Claim Counts and Costs

Long Claim Duration

Work Site Risks

Hazardous Work Remote locations

Loss Sensitive

High Deductibles CCIP / OCIP

Company Culture

Recruit and Retain Maintain a Healthy Workforce

Your Occupational Telemedicine Solution

In the event of a workplace injury, JobSiteCare ensures swift and effective care through the following steps:

Immediate Contact

Employees can quickly reach JobSiteCare via our app or hotline and connect to a physician within 60 seconds.


Real-Time Evaluation

Our physicians provide real-time injury evaluations, prompt onsite treatment, and anonymized data aggregation within a HIPAA-compliant dashboard.


Comprehensive Coordination

JobSiteCare physicians document all aspects of treatment, ensuring continuous care until the employee reaches Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI).


Insightful Analytics

Our dashboard provides detailed injury insights at various levels – per case, per site, per state, and across the entire enterprise.

Cutting-edge Technology that Enahnces Workplace Injury Care

JobSiteCare’s proprietary telemedicine technology puts immediate care in the hands of injured workers. Our solution emphasizes speed and ease of use, ensuring a seamless connection to medical professionals within seconds. The streamlined design facilitates personalized care plans, ongoing support, and efficient communication between workers, healthcare providers, and employers, promoting a smooth recovery and a swift return to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do JobSiteCare's occupational telemedicine solutions integrate with my worksite?

JobSiteCare’s telemedicine for occupational injuries prioritizes ease of use and integrates seamlessly into your existing workplace safety procedures. We’ll work with you to customize the best way to access care within your work environment, ensuring injured workers get prompt medical attention.

How do telemedicine appointments for workplace injuries work at JobSiteCare?

When an injury occurs, your employees can quickly connect with a board-certified medical professional through a designated phone line or secure video call. The doctor will conduct a remote assessment, offering immediate treatment guidance, determining if in-person care is needed. Follow-up appointments can also be conducted remotely at the job site using our telemedicine solution. 


How quickly can JobSiteCare’s telemedicine urgent care be initiated when an occupational injury occurs?

Our telemedicine for workplace injuries guarantees a connection to a medical professional in under 60 seconds after a call is initiated.

How does JobSiteCare’s occupational telemedicine solution ensure security and compliance?

JobSiteCare prioritizes maintaining the highest level of security and compliance with all relevant regulations, including HIPAA. Our telehealth for workplace injuries platform uses advanced encryption technology to safeguard sensitive patient information.
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