Workplace Injury Management Simplified

Workplace injury management has long been a complex and costly challenge, but now you have a steadfast ally. With JobSiteCare, the daunting task of navigating workplace injuries is transformed into a streamlined process that puts the injured employee and your company’s needs at the forefront. Our physician-led occupational telemedicine service offers 24/7 employee health services, ensuring immediate care for workplace injuries and a comprehensive response that emphasizes a swift recovery, return to work, and cost control.


Our physician-led telemedicine service offers 24/7 workplace injury management, ensuring immediate care and a comprehensive response that emphasizes a swift recovery, return to work, and cost control.

The Complex Landscape of Employee Injuries  

Managing work injury cases has become a significant obstacle for employers, disrupting smooth project execution and adding layers of complexity. Traditional worker injury management often falls on risk managers or HR personnel, who must grapple with frustrating work injury claim and reporting requirements, potential fraud, and the intricate return-to-work process. This can often lead to unnecessary overtreatment, delays in return to work, increased risk of litigation, and a significant cost to your company. The pressure to mitigate these issues while also reducing OSHA metrics can be overwhelming. You need a solution that not only addresses the immediate medical needs of the injured worker but also simplifies the entire process, from injury through recovery, in a way that aligns with your company’s goals and responsibilities.
 We are proud to say we have just the solution.

Transforming Challenges Into a Cohesive Solution 

Navigating these challenges of workplace injury management is made seamless with JobSiteCare’s unique process and software solution.  

With immediate physician-led care provided within 60 seconds of notification, injuries are addressed promptly, minimizing disruptions to project timelines and avoiding unnecessary delays. 

This rapid response ensures not only swift and expert care at the critical moment following a workplace injury but also coordinates specialist care and follow-up. By maintaining continuity, the process expedites recovery, creating a unified coordination of care from injury to return to work and full recovery.  

The efficiency of JobSiteCare’s approach extends beyond immediate care, as it actively reduces OSHA metrics. Additionally, the precise and personalized treatment plans lower claim costs, reducing the risk of fraud and unnecessary expenses. The result is a comprehensive solution that prioritizes both the well-being of the workforce and your operational needs, setting a new benchmark in workplace injury management. 


JobSiteCare’s Workplace Injury
Management Features

60-second access to a medical team/on-call physicians

On-site medical lockers for faster work injury treatment

Secure, HIPAA-compliant platform

High level of worker engagement

Care Team for medical logistics and coordination

Geo-location to expedite off-site care

Simple to deploy and easy to adopt

End-to-end case management

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to partner with JobSiteCare?

Our partnership pricing is based on an annual flat fee calculated using your workers’ compensation program loss data. We do not bill on a per-incident basis, as this can often drive up the cost of claims as there is no incentive to reach maximum recovery quickly.

How does JobSiteCare use technology to benefit employers and injured workers?

We leverage our unique workplace injury management software to provide immediate, physician-led care within 60 seconds of a workplace injury notification. This technology ensures prompt treatment, minimizes disruptions, and coordinates specialist care and follow-up. For employers, it helps in reducing OSHA recordables and claim costs, while for injured workers, it ensures swift and expert care, expediting recovery.

How does JobSiteCare reduce fraudulent cases?

By having a licensed medical provider conduct an assessment and create an official medical record detailing the facts of the incident, often within minutes of the injury, along with our consistent follow-ups with the worker, we ensure that a case does not go “off track.”

How does JobSiteCare assist with injury claims?

JobSiteCare streamlines the work injury claim process by providing immediate medical care, coordinating specialist care, and managing the return-to-work process. This efficiency helps in reducing unnecessary overtreatment, delays, and risks of litigation.

Can JobSiteCare's services be integrated with existing HR or risk management systems?

Yes, JobSiteCare’s secure, HIPAA-compliant platform can integrate with client and regulatory reporting systems. This seamless integration ensures that health care management and reporting are efficiently handled through a single interface, aligning with the company’s existing processes.

Which industries does JobSiteCare serve?

JobSiteCare serves a wide range of industries, providing care for any injury in every industry. Whether it’s oil and gas, construction, hospitality, or other labor-based sectors, our model is designed to deliver best-in-class, physician-led injured worker care 24/7, regardless of location.