COVID-19 Program

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, we listened to the challenges and concerns of our clients. In response, we launched a comprehensive solution to ensure that their workplaces were COVID-19 safe.

Safeguard your workforce while maintaining productivity.

Our COVID-19 solution integrates guidelines from both the CDC and OSHA into an overall workplace surveillance and response plan to limit the possibility of workplace COVID-19 transmission among workers. Our COVID-19 solution integrates with your existing health and safety protocols.

Our team, led by pandemic response expert, Dr. William Lang, has created this program to keep your employees safe and healthy while ensuring maximum efficiency.

The Benefits of our COVID-19 Program

lower risk of employee transmission

Lower risk of transmission among employees

operational stability

Day-to-day operational stability

reduced downtime

Reduced workforce downtime

engaged workforce

Confident, more engaged workforce

diminished claims

Diminished COVID-related claims

decreased risk of litigation

Decreased risk of litigation

The Results

The positive impact of our pandemic safety program is clear.


of employees screened daily

managed potential exposures

man-days of work saved (so far!)

Cathy Engelbert, Commissioner, WNBA

“In order to pull off a successful WNBA season amid the COVID-19 pandemic where we had the entire league at a single location, we knew it would take a great medical partner to ensure that our priority of keeping all involved healthy and safe was not only met, but exceeded the expectations of multiple stakeholders (players, coaches, athletic trainers, team physicians, and team and league staff). The medical professionals from JobSiteCare, from the medical director, the sports medicine physicians and registered nurses on site, to round the clock consultation resources, including infectious disease specialists, put in countless hours, hard work and diligence to keep the WNBA family on site at IMG Academy healthy and safe. Whenever we needed them, 24/7, they were there to help us manage the complexities of the medical needs for an entire league during a highly competitive season. We could not have completed our successful season without their services and support, and we are so grateful to them for being true MVPs of the 2020 WNBA season.”

COVID-19 Blog & Updates

Global Health Update

Global Health Update

The world is now far enough past the 2023 Lunar New Year’s celebration that we can say that it did not result in a significant surge in cases.

Global Health Update

Global Health Update

A new variant has taken center stage and predictably, mainstream news organizations are saying this is the “most infectious variant ever seen.”

Holiday Season Health Update

Holiday Season Health Update

We are at a very different place heading into the holiday season than we were last year, and with some forethought and precautions, we all can have a good end of the year.

COVID and Flu Season Update

COVID and Flu Season Update

The impact of COVID continues to decline with 80% of US counties in the CDC “Green” level and only just over 2% remaining in the “Red” level.

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