IRMI Energy Risk & Insurance Conference

Royal Sonesta, Houston, Texas, USA

June 5 - 7, 2024

The energy risk management landscape is changing rapidly, and IRMI ERIC is keeping pace so you can stay up to date. Along with topics that apply to all segments of the industry, this year's conference agenda also features session tracks focused on specific challenges faced by traditional oil and gas companies and those impacting renewable energy providers.

JobSiteCare Speakers

Meet our speakers, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of workplace injury management and prevention. 

Daniel Carlin, MD

Daniel Carlin, MD

CEO & Founder

Dr. Carlin’s presentation will showcase an innovative approach to workplace injury management in the energy industry. He will discuss the implementation of telemedicine (“T3”), its benefits, results, and the future it has in this industry. He will discuss why organizations in the energy sector should consider the modern approach to treating injured workers because, as technology advances, it will be the future of workplace injury management. Dr. Carlin was a keynote speaker at IRMI ERIC 2023. Last year’s event was virtual, so he is thrilled to engage in person with attendees at this year’s event.

Connect with us at the event

Let’s connect and discuss how we can care for your injured workers, drive down claim costs, and reduce OSHA-recordable incidents. 

Mike Russo

Senior Vice President

(970) 471-5935

Morgan Payne

Business Operations Specialist

(706) 744-4441

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Our purpose at the event

JobSiteCare is a proud silver sponsor of IRMI ERIC, showcasing its continued support for IRMI’s different events, as it has long supported IRMI CRC.
We anticipate expanding our connections with various individuals and organizations within the energy sector, highlighting JobSiteCare's versatility in addressing workplace injury needs across diverse industries beyond construction.

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