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TextBadgeTM is a monitoring, messaging, and compliance tool that works with all mobile phone devices allowing organizations keep their employees safe during COVID-19 and get them back to work safely.

Integrated with a physician-led medical team that can advise on COVID-19 management and overall employee health, TextBadgeTM provides interactive reporting and allows for management at the individual, team, worksite and enterprise-level.

All health case information is archived in an electronic HIPAA-compliant medical record. Giving you the tools to lead with confidence while ensuring your employees are safe at work.

How TextBadgeTM Works for You

Instant Access

Using a simple customized QR code, your employees can enroll into the TextBadgeTM system and complete a health screening survey on their mobile devices with just a text.


Screening Survey

Your employees can fill out the health screening survey on their phones daily, and if they show symptoms of illness, they will be prompted to stay home and immediately get connected to the JobSiteCare medical team.

Medical Dashboard

TextBadgeTM is integrated with our medical dashboard allowing the JobSiteCare medical team to quickly and easily, diagnose and treat your employees while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Manager Dashboard

The manager dashboard allows leadership in your organization to keep up to date with the latest notices on employee management by JobSiteCare at a local or enterprise level.


Get all the data you need to manage your employee health without compromising personal information.


Communication Tools

We will provide you with the training tools that you need in order to communicate your health and safety initiatives to your employees.

TextBadgeTM in Action

Employee scans a custom QR code

Employee completes registration form

Employee completes a daily symptom screening survey

Employees with symptoms are immediately connected to our medical team

Employees with no symptoms receive a daily cleared-to-work badge

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TextBadge just technology? Or is it a complete solution?

TextBadgeTM is unique in that it is connected to an entire medical team that can help triage, treat, and diagnose your employees – as well as give guidance to company leadership on how to handle these unprecedented times. Our program is led by Chief Medical Officer, Dr. William Lang, a former White House Physician and pandemic planning expert.

Who can use JobSiteCare’s TextBadge?

TextBadgeTM works well for any company or organization that is at risk for COVID-19 transmission among its people. Industries we support include retail sales, manufacturing, construction, hospitality, resource extraction, and financial services.

How is JobSiteCare’s TextBadge priced?

TextBadgeTM is priced on a per user, per day basis with discounting based on volume to support large scale geographically distributed workforces.

How do we get TextBadge for our workers?

Contact JobSiteCare. We will do a detailed assessment of your particular workforce. Based on that intake, we will craft a plan and a budget to manage and minimize the impact of COVID-19 on your company’s operation and to limit the risk and liability of COVID transmission between your workers.

How does this integrate with my testing plans, contact tracing, vaccination, and local health authorities?

Most organizations do not have the expertise to manage all of these requirements and the enterprise risks associated with them. JobSiteCare will design a custom plan for your workforce, integrating TextBadgeTM and our clinical team with specific local protocols around testing, vaccination, and health department reporting. The staff at JobSiteCare has documented success in managing the impact of COVID-19 on workforce operations.

What about COVID-19 vaccination for our workers?

The team at JobSiteCare will work with leadership to identify and facilitate local resources for workforce vaccination. More importantly, we use TextBadgeTM as a means of communicating and verifying successful vaccination for workers to present at their job site when needed.

What kind of technology does my workforce need for TextBadge and which HR Systems does it work with?

TextBadgeTM will run on any smartphone – Android, iPhone, BlackBerry etc. It can also be modified to care for workers who do not have a phone. The JobSiteCare/TextBadgeTM platform can be integrated easily with all major HR Systems.

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