Written by JobSiteCare | May 30, 2024

We were delighted to join the Construction Financial Management Association’s (CFMA) annual conference once again, this time as both an exhibitor and silver event sponsor. 

CFMA, a renowned organization in the construction industry, is dedicated to fostering discussions on innovative financial practices. Our return as participants held special significance this year as JobSiteCare has attained Affinity Membership within CFMA, a testament to our strong collaboration with the organization and its members.

Michael Russo and Morgan Payne at JobsiteCare’s exhibit space during the CFMA Annual Conference

Key Highlights

As a CFMA Affinity Partner, we extend exclusive discounts to fellow CFMA members, encouraging them to explore JobSiteCare’s industrial medical services and the significant financial advantages we can offer their organizations. Our sponsorship this year included distributing promotional Rubik’s cubes to all attendees and displaying a banner showcasing sponsorship at the booth.

Engaging with industry leaders at CFMA always leads to insightful conversations. This year, discussions often revolved around the adoption of telemedicine on job sites. Many attendees hadn’t yet embraced this innovative approach, providing us with an opportunity to showcase how JobSiteCare is revolutionizing the industry.

It was particularly rewarding to have our booth situated next door to our client, Tilson Technology, whose CEO we initially met at last year’s conference.

The JobSiteCare team with their client, Tilson Technology at the CFMA 2024 Conference.

A memorable moment was our participation in the “Hey, CFMA” video session, where our Senior Vice President, Mike Russo, highlighted JobSiteCare’s modern workplace injury management approach and how it can provide substantial savings in worker’s compensation for other CFMA members. We eagerly anticipate viewing the published video to glean insights from other attendees.

Hey CFMA Podcast gives event attendees the opportunity to share quick, insightful messages about relevant industry topics.

Final Thoughts

Partnering with JobSiteCare offers significant financial benefits and cost savings for both general contractors and distributed workforces of construction sites. Our expertise in managing workplace injuries through rapid, on-site telemedicine and physician triage alleviates the burdens faced by construction companies. 

Interested in learning more about our innovative approach to workplace injury solutionsContact us to explore how JobSiteCare can benefit your organization.

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