Written by JobSiteCare | June 18, 2024

In early June, JobSiteCare proudly participated as a silver sponsor in the esteemed International Risk Management Institute’s Energy Risk & Insurance Conference (IRMI ERIC 2024), held in the vibrant energy hub of Houston, TX. This marked a significant milestone for us, as it was our inaugural sponsorship of this event, complementing our longstanding support for the IRMI Construction Risk Conference.

Summary and Key Highlights

This year’s conference held particular significance, given that the previous year’s event was conducted entirely in a virtual format. We were thrilled to engage with both familiar faces and new acquaintances within the insurance and energy sectors. 

Among the diverse array of attendees, we encountered numerous potential clients who are grappling with the unique challenges of workplace injury management and workers’ comp in the energy sector, particularly on remote job sites such as offshore oil rigs. Such challenges included:

  • High injury rates and a lack of swift medical care 
  • High claim costs
  • Complex insurance and deductible programs management

We understand that these challenges require innovative solutions, and we are here to provide them. We were also fortunate to have our booth situated next to AXA XL, a fellow silver sponsor, and one of our valued partners. We are proud to be a part of the AXA XL tech ecosystem!

Michael Russo and Morgan Payne from JobSiteCare with AXA XL at the IRMI Conference.

Dr. Carlin’s Keynote at IRMI ERIC 2024

A highlight of the conference was the opportunity for our CEO and Founder, Dr. Daniel Carlin, to deliver a presentation for the second consecutive year. 

Speaking to a live audience, Dr. Carlin shed light on the heightened risks faced by energy workers, both physically and mentally, due to the demanding and isolating nature of their roles. He underscored the transformative potential of telemedicine in providing timely and effective care for injured workers while significantly reducing the burden of workers’ comp claims on employers.

IRMI ERIC reception ballroom

Outcomes and Takeaways

Dr. Carlin’s insightful presentation resonated strongly with the audience, sparking numerous conversations at our booth afterward. Many were particularly interested in learning how JobSiteCare’s connected care model, through telemedicine, can alleviate the burden of workers’ compensation claims on employees while ensuring injured workers receive prompt and effective care. This further validated the value of our thought leadership in the industry.


The success of IRMI ERIC underscores the value of collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the risk management community. We eagerly anticipate continuing our support as a silver sponsor at the upcoming IRMI Construction Risk Conference this fall, reaffirming our commitment to partnership alongside IRMI and its esteemed members.

JobSiteCare specializes in providing comprehensive industrial medical services, ensuring that your workforce receives timely and effective care when injuries occur. Our telemedicine platform streamlines the injury management process, reducing downtime and minimizing the financial impact of workplace injuries on your business. Whether you’re in construction, energy, or another high-risk industry, we offer tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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