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Medical expertise from the nation’s leading board certified doctors. When you need it, where you need it.

Organizational Health & Safety Guidance For Job Sites You Can Count On

JobSiteCare’s Medical Director on Demand (MDOD) is an outsourced critical physician asset that can help address a wider range of health-related issues with significant impact on risks, opportunities, and operations for job site safety. JobSiteCare has built and deployed unique large scale workforce health programs in multiple industries.

In 2020-2021, we provided custom COVID-risk management solutions for the NBA and WNBA, several prominent financial services firms, as well as the nationally distributed workforces of Moss Construction and the Aspen Valley and POWDR Ski Companies.

Meet Your Medical Director On-Demand

The program is led by JobSiteCare’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. William Lang. Dr. Lang is among the world’s foremost experts in medical contingency planning and public health response to biological incidents including both pandemic and bio-terrorism events.

As the Director of the White House Medical Unit and Deputy Physician to the President, Dr. Lang was responsible for organizing and providing comprehensive healthcare services to two U.S. presidents and their executive staffs. Dr. Lang also served as the Associate Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). While at DHS, he played a key role in developing the DHS’s preparedness and planning strategy for pandemics (SARS and Ebola) and bio-terror incidents. Dr. Lang is a retired Army colonel and has been a Family Physician for over 30 years.

JobSiteCare’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. William Lang

The future of employee health and safety starts here.

Program Overview


Health Services Reviews

Board certified doctor insight on all company health issues and helps analyze claim/event trends to assist managers in optimizing company-wide healthcare solutions.


Event Planning and Coverage

Assist planning teams to ensure that appropriate preparation and medical coverage is incorporated into event planning for job site safety.


Oversight of Workforce and Executive Medicine Services

Answer medical questions, facilitate access to the nation’s most respected executive health exam programs, and source expert second opinions and specialist care.


Travel Medicine and Medical Evacuation Management

Board certified doctor oversight of all employee medical care rendered abroad as well as facilitate all logistics related to medical evacuation.


Critical Incident Planning

Tailored, expert plan to address any emerging health event. Our team approach is in grounded in the Prepare, Prevent, Protect, Respond, and Recover paradigm best suited for your job site safety.

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